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Taking a breather

I've been really testing my brain to the max lately with all my comic ideas that keep popping in my head... It's really a curse. I mean sure it is nice that I can think up a whole bunch of stuff but at the same time it literally piles up in my head cause then I think of a whole bunch of other things too! And then I kinda push myself into drawing them cause I wouldn't want to push other people to draw them OR that I think that they wouldn't want to draw them so I just end up drawing it myself. And that in the end... I guess starts to consume myself.

So that might also be why I have been taking forever to do the FV comic. It takes a lot of work and idea time to plan... And then I think of the other comics to do.. And then other pictures to do.. So yeah... I think I really do need some down time to clear my mind. And just let my brain float ~-.-~

I hope you guys can understand. D:

posted by mandy-kun @ July 25th, 2012, 2:21 pm   0 Comments